Each time you plant a Thornvine, TumbleSeed gets a rotating thorn that deals one damage to any enemy it pokes. The thorn disappears after it hits something, and you lose all current thorns when you take damage or fall in a Hole.



Thornvine has a green headband with some spikes sticking out of it. That headband isn't just any old headband, but it is in fact a vine, which is where he gets his name.


The first gift bestowed upon TumbleSeed in the Shrine of Prophecy gives him the primal skills of his ancestors. Though one of the weakest forms of all the seed-jitsus, it is unmatched in its stamina. Thornvine is able to use the smallest amount of The Mountain's resources to deliver a deadly poke to The Scourge.


  • His purple eye signifies death and discipline.
  • It was confirmed by Torcado that you can have "at least 7" thorns with the Thornvine.

    This is at least 7.

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