Planting ShieldSprout creates a shield that surrounds TS. It will allow you to survive three hits from projectiles before disappearing. Although the shield does not block other types of damage, it persists on TS even when he falls in holes.



ShieldSprout is one of the most useful seeds in the Desert, Snow, or Peak levels due to the prominence of projectile shooting enemies. Be careful because there are still a lot of damage sources that the shield does not block, including touching the enemies that shoot the projectiles themselves. If you do get hit, note that the ShieldSprout persists through damage unlike some powers such as the ThornVine.


ShieldSprout is a blue shield shaped seed. When activated, TS gets a blue ring surrounding that indicates that the shield is on. The brightness of the ring indicates how many shield charges it has left, and when the ring is nearly transparent, ShieldSprout can only block one more hit.  



  • It is more expensive than ReflectRoot and does not reflect the projectiles, but unlike ReflectRoot, one plant will get your three blocks.
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Offensive ThornVine
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