Papa Scoots are powerful armored slugs that are capable of killing innocent seeds with their menacing spinning faces. One scoot is all it takes to send poor TumbleSeed to his demise.

Location and Behavior

Papa Scoots are the Scooties of the Snow and Peak levels. Unlike their smaller kin, they have the added benefit of sight, allowing them to turn until they see TumbleSeed and then dashing towards him.


After it turns towards TS, it takes a while before it begins to dash, giving TS to roll out of its trajectory. Provided you have the space to kill it, it can actually be really easy to lure into MineMelon mines or a FlyTrap due to it's tracking nature. Its hitbox is small so hitting it multiple times with a Boomeregg or FlailFlower can be tough.

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  • Papa Scoots have such powerful scoots that they can even scoot over holes.