Holes are TumbleSeed's archenemy. They appear all throughout the world and vary in sizes. If TS drops down a hole he will continue to fall down the world, taking one heart of damage for every 50 height fallen (every quarter of a level) until he reaches a checkpoint. This amounts to maximum of 4 damage when falling from the top to the bottom of a level.

The Floodfruit is a seed power that will permanently fill nearby holes with water, making them safely passable.


Starting with the Desert level, you will start to find new types of holes including door holes and web holes.

Door holes

Door holes are holes with a trapdoor over them that periodically opens and closes, making them temporarily safe to pass.

Web Holes

These holes are covered in a spider web, which begins to fade away as you get near the hole. If you cross it while the web is still active it is safe, but after a few seconds the web disappears and it becomes a normal hole.

See also: Watchers


  • Citizens of the seed cities enjoy "planking" which is the practice of conquering holes with a plank.

    A hole's greatest fear.