Perhaps one of the most essential seed powers, Heartseed allows TS to cultivate life in quarter increments. Every four heart plants will net you one heart. You can occasionally buy hearts in the shop as well but Heartseed will feel betrayed if you do.



A pink heart.


The HeartSeed is given to TumbleSeed by The Boss after exiting the Shrine of Prophecy. The form is an embodiment of the camaraderie between all Seeds on The Mountain. Each time TS plants himself with the HeartSeed he is reminded of the loves and friendships of his fellow seeds. These memories fill him with the determination necessary to endure the physical and emotional trials of his prophesied ascent.


Starting Seeds
Offensive ThornVine
Support HeartSeed
Utility FlagSeed | Crystal
Additional Seeds
Defensive ReflectRoot | ShieldSprout | StarSeed
Offensive Avalanche | BombBud | Boomeregg | CannonSpore | FlailFlower | FlyTrap | LaserRoot | LongSpore | MineMelon | MisslieRoot | RayFlower | SpreadSpore | Squash | TallSpore | Toxichoke
Support Antidote
Utility BounceBerry | CloakFruit | FloodFruit | SlowSeed
Variable RandoBud
Secret Seeds
Offensive RedHotRock
Utility BrewBerry | WarpWeed