The Floodfruit creates a storm when planted which fills in nearby holes with water. Fortunately, seeds love water and TumbleSeed is no exception, allowing it to easily traverse the once-rugged terrain.


Even if you have no problem avoiding holes, FloodFruit can be useful to create a large flat area to use as a space for killing annoying enemies. Used in combination with the FlailFlower it can work well to keep you from falling into holes while destroying enemies.

FloodFruit is especially strong when used with seeds that require you to move long distances quickly, like FlailFlower or BombBud.


As one of the few perfectly round seeds, FloodFruit had to go and ruin it by growing a gigantic lightning bolt on his head. However, the lightning bolt has to be big in order to attract storms.


After the death of the First Mountain over ten thousand generations ago, much of the Seeds' culture was lost. Scholars have theorized that there was once a great Storm Seed worshiped by ancient Seeds, granting them prosperity though the nurturing rains and the filling of pesky holes. The FloodFruit is said to be one of the only remaining religious artifacts tied to the Storm Seed, acting as a conduit between the user and the ancient deity.


  • Floodfruit desperately wishes it could zap enemies with its lightning head.
  • Despite the lopsided appearance, Floodfruit has no difficulty rolling.
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