When used, BounceBerry will spring you up into the air and allow you to gently fall back down using TS's propeller, similar to what happens when you take damage or spawn from a flag.


BounceBerry can be used to cross nasty holes as well as escape from nasty enemies. You can take advantage of the fact that TS is invincible and untrackable while in the air to get yourself out of a tight spot.

It is very similar to the FloodFruit in a lot of situations, but the advantage of BounceBerry is the very low planting cost of 1.

The BounceBerry is also especially useful on the final boss where the bounce can be used to dodge lasers and holes as TS floats peacefully down the map.


An orange seed with a propeller. Unfortunately the propeller can only be used to float down at a slow pace instead of flying upwards. To overcome this, BounceBerry innovatively uses a spring to get that upward momentum.



  • This seed is similar to the propeller seeds of maple trees.
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