The Banana Snake is a fan favorite TumbleSeed enemy but don't be deceived by its cute looks. In terms of ferocity, it more similar to a snake than a banana.

Location and Behavior

Banana Snakes spawn in the Jungle and Snow levels, but you typically won't find more than four throughout the entire level. It is rare to encounter two or more Banana Snakes at once.

Banana Snakes are notorious for their pursuing behavior. Although they are considerably slower than TumbleSeed, they are persistent and pretty much track TS dead-on. When they near a wall, they slowly do a U-turn, buying TS valuable time to escape or prepare a weapon.


Banana Snakes make a very distinct slithery sound when listening close enough, allowing you to prepare for them even before they come on-screen. Once you enounter one, there are several seeds that are very effective. These include FlyTraps, Boomeregg, FlailFlower, BombBud, and MineMelon. FlyTrap, BombBud, and MineMelon, can all be planted while a Banana Snake is in pursuit and will typically kill one as it follows TS. FlailFlower and Boomeregg are cheaper weapons but must be aimed directly at the Banana Snake since they only do one damage each and so they must hit its hitbox multiple times for a kill.

If you lack the proper weapons or time, it is easy enough to just avoid the Banana Snake by staying near walls. With proper movement, it is almost impossible to get hit when TS is against a wall or other obstacle because the snake turns slowly, leaving a perfect-sized gap for TS not to get damaged in.



  • Sometimes referred to as the "ATMs of the Jungle" because of their relative easiness to kill (provided you have the right tools) and their large crystal drop amounts.