Avalanche calls down an avalanche of snow to hurt enemies and TumbleSeed when planted. Typically it deals one damage to enemies, but it can hit enemies with multiple hit boxes multiple times.


Avalanche can hurt enemies and Tumbleseed and brings balls of snow down randomly so it's best to use it somewhere where there are a lot of enemies and TumbleSeed can easily dodge. TumbleSeed can also hide behind obstacles and the snow won't be able to hit them.


Avalanche is based off of someone bundled up for cold weather, primarily from the earmuff's it dons. It's also white like the snow it brings down upon the game.


This form was one of the most common means of defense among past incarnations of TumbleSeed. However, after the large balls of snow kept rolling into villages killing countless seeds TumbleSeed was politely asked to stop. Due to the desperation caused by the Scourge, the current incarnation of TS takes on the ancient power whether it is found in shrines or shops regardless of the consequences.


  • Sometimes, pre-planted Avalanche seeds will be triggered by enemies, simulating a random avalanche on a real mountain.
  • Avalanche's earmuffs double as headphones so he can jam on the TumbleSeed tunes.
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